November 26, 2018 CONCLUSION PART 3



  1. It is no one’s ‘divine’ right to deceive; torture; kill and loot from Humanity !
  2. Sovereign Royals do know this very well, hence they finance the online consent-engineering industries, developing evil Artificial Intelligence to harass the HEIR / Inhabitants, who are individually entitled to their post born’s Trust inheritance.
  1. HEIR / Inhabitants are heavily assaulted by mind– and behaviour altering electronical means; manipulated food; electronic magnetic frequencies and deception on an unimaginable scale of cruelty.
  1. Presumed artificial science which is basically computer generated imaging, is being presented as human-level intelligence or even superior to human-level intelligence.
  1. ‘Ultra vires’ governance has been made world standard. Royalty backs the consent-engineering industry of deceit and block chaining slavery cruelties.


  • Timeline hostile take-over and looting of Greece
  • Timeline rescue scam ABNAMRO Bank



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